Have you ever heard people say stuff like “If you pray in line with God’s will, you will receive what you asked for?” OR “What has God said to you about that thing you are praying for?” .

Oh boy! I used to draw blanks when people would ask me that, because though I knew that God speaks, I was just not sure that I knew how to recognise His voice, talk less of understand what His will is in a specific situation. .

In his week’s #coachtoyinsboomtips, I’d like to share 3 ways in which I am able to decipher whether what I want and what I am praying to God for is inline with what God wants for me. This is so important because when we pray outside of God’s will for us, we ‘misfire’ in that our prayers do not birth what we are asking for. And then we get discouraged and despondent, feeling like God does not answer prayers. Whereas the real issue is that we are effectively asking God to discard His plans for our whims. Hmmm …


Yes! Before we go on, just understand hat God’s Word is made up of the Scriptures AS WELL AS the voice of God that you can hear in your spirit, the more you tune into God’s Spirit. God’s Spirit will always bring to your knowledge and remebrance God’s word (scriptures). .

Now, number 1, God will never work against what He has revealed to be His Way in His Word. Number 2, God does not change. He is outside of time; in fact, He created time, so He certainly is not bending to accommodate ‘modern culture’ or to be more ‘politically correct’. He is the same God, and His ways, Word, works are the same. So, if what you want is in line with the way the Lord has revealed Himself to us in the Scriptures and/or through His Spirit, then you are good to go.

Now, I know this is hard to swallow, because we often feel like the Word of God caters for old fashioned ways only. But if you feel that way, then I urge you to immerse yourself in the Word of God with a sincere heart, then you will see not only that God’s word is for all times, seasons and eras, but also you will discover that the Holy Spirit, the Helper, will help you to understand His Word, and to receive revelation from Him on what His word really means and how it applies to that thing that you are praying about. 

Circle back on Friday and Sunday to find out how else you can be sure that what you want God to do for you is in line with His will for you.



Have you heard of the acronym ‘S.H.A.P.E’? S=Spiritual gifts H=Heart (passions) A=Abilities P=Personality E=Experience ❤

I like to call your SHAPE the set of ‘signposts’ that God has placed all along the pathways of your life to indicate to you WHAT His will and unique calling for your life is. Likewise, many times, your SHAPE will also be the set of tools that God has given to you to fulfill that very purpose and calling that He has for your life.♥

So, when you are praying to God for something, or desiring something from Him, test it against what you already know about yourself and about God’s purpose and calling for your life.

👉🏾Is what you are trusting God for in line with or better still an improvement on your S (God-given spiritual gifts)?

👉🏾Does it fit with or intensify your H (heart’s passions)?

👉🏾Does it align with or increase your A (abilities)?

👉🏾Does it follow or beautify your P (personality)?

👉🏾Does it embrace or make the best of your E (experiences)?

👉🏾God wants you to live in line with His perfect plan and purpose for your life and He wants you to discover that plan, so that you can set up your life to walk in it. 

Your S.H.A.P.E is a great way to test that you are aligned with God’s will.

Circle back here on Sunday to find out how else you can be sure that what you want God to do for you is in line with His will for you.♥

P.S. If you need help in identifying your God-given purpose, DM me. I have a program that can help you.❤♥



Now don’t get me wrong. I’m the first person to warn you against running from one advisor to the next in search for ‘guidance’ or ‘a word’. My experience has been that the more I walk with God, the less prone I am to run to people for advice or counsel, and the more likely I am to go straight to God’s Holy Spirit for counsel. HOWEVER, the more you walk with God, the more He will bring people into your life who are trustworthy and mature in things of God, and who will come along-side you, pray with you and who will have the boldness to tell you if you are losing the plot by going after one thing or the other that is not God’s will for you.

So, the third and last tip I want to give you on this topic is just that: after you have tested what you want from God, with His Word, against your SHAPE (what you already know about His purpose for your life) it is also a good idea to share your desires and plans with a trusted child of God, who will pray with you and support you to align your choices and steps with God’s will for your life.

I trust that what I have shared with you this week hit you ‘in your feelings’ as they say nowadays. If you need me to help you as you take any of these steps, please DM me, and together, we will identify which of my programs is best for what you are reaching for.


Coach Toyin, Founder of The Narrow Gateway

As always, I end this by saying, I am Coach Toyin, fully convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.