Do you have kids or plan to have some? Are you keen on your kids having a Biblical View on Sex, Love, Intimacy and all that good stuff? I have a Show for you. #thewitngchatshow by The Narrow Gateway.

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biblicalsexualityimageDon’t let culture hold you back. These days we have to go by the culture our kids are growing in and learning from, not the culture we grew up in. Introducing Biblical Sexuality to our children is not “one talk” that you have with your kid one rainy day after you got a horrific video on WhatsApp about “what kids are getting up to lately”! You want your child to embrace love, sex and intimacy in a wholesome, Biblical way? Then embrace intentional parenting. In other words, embrace a lifestyle and an ongoing discourse that breeds wholesomeness in them by what you say to them, what you demonstrate to them, what you expose them to, what you allow them to get involved in and introduce to their world, how they see you live, how they see you love, how you build their trust, how they see you fall and rise again, what they learn from your mistakes…etc etc. Its all part of what you are doing already- intentional parenting. So it doesn’t have to be scary.

Our guest is Hayley Walker, a highly experienced Christian Parenting Coach, and I (Toyin Oladiran) am your host. We discuss the realities of the highly sexualised world we live in and the need to be intentional parents when it comes to Introducing Biblical Sexuality to our Kids.

Watch out for Part 2!

Here’s Part 1:


Toyin Oladiran (Christian Life Coach, Founder of The Narrow Gateway)

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